Katie Gardenia Gallery of Fabric Sculpture and Fiber Art

Just published, a Collectors 117 page Art collage book, A Bubble Moment, by author, artist, and creator of the orginal, internationally renowned Bubble Room resturant on Captiva Island, Florida......Katie Gardenia.


This book is a treasure hunt for the reader who journies through envelopes of secret recipes, comical stories, and whimscial Art. Each book will be personally autographed by Katie and will hopefully be passed on for loved ones to enjoy.

A Bubble Moment by Katie Gardenia: $49.95 + $7.50 Shippng for US orders


For international orders, please contact Katie by Email, katiegardeniaartist@gmail.com , to determine your international shipping rates. Please include your ship to address. Katie will then send an Email that will contain a PayPal "Pay Now" button for you to complete the purchase.



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